Yearbook Messages

A few pages of the yearbook are dedicated to personal messages from parents, grandparents, siblings or friends! This is the perfect way to celebrate with words of congratulation, praise and encouragement.

Yearbook Messages

Reserve your space now and show your child how proud you are for their hard work, honor your graduating student or express your gratitude to the teachers for the work they did.

To place your personal message, sign in to your treering account and select the new option Celebrate Your Student on the Home Page

How to create and edit your message

Begin the process by selecting Buy a Yearbook Ad, and choose your message size (half page or full page).

The text in the template can be edited and photos can be dropped into the photo placeholders. Add photos, text, and graphics from the tabs on the right. All content can be adjusted in size or deleted.

Drag and drop the items inside the ad. Anything placed outside of the template will not be included in the ad.

When you are finished editing, click the Buy Now button to purchase the message.

Confirm the message is complete by clicking on I Confirm My Ad is Complete.

Confirm that the message details and the price are correct in your cart and select Checkout.

Select the method of payment and enter the payment information. Select Place Order.

Now on your homepage in Celebrate Your Student you will see the ad you created.